Buyer Program

Enjoy an Italian VIP Experience in Singapore

What is

The Buyer Program operates with meticulous consideration, purposefully identifying and inviting decision makers of high qualification to participate in Italian Food & Wine Week – Singapore. This selection process is driven by their demonstrated interest in engaging in fruitful business interactions and seeking out inspiration that not only optimizes cost-effectiveness but also maximizes time efficiency for both you and your esteemed organization.

PLEASE NOTE: Subject to Availability


Who's in

A Buyer Program Guest represents a senior decision-maker entrusted with shaping choices and influencing procurement strategies within their organization. These distinguished participants convene at Italian Food & Wine Week – Singapore with the core goal of gaining inspiration and conducting business in a manner that ensures cost-effectiveness and time efficiency for both you and your organizational entity. When evaluating applications, we take into account the following criteria:

  • Availability to Travel to Singapore: You possess the capability to journey to Singapore spanning the dates from the 22st to 23rd on January 2024, fully engaging in pre-arranged meetings throughout the duration of the exhibition.
  • Decision-Making Authority: You hold a senior position with decision-making authority.
  • Annual Procurement Budgets: Annual budgets for imports.
  • Italian Food & Wine Enthusiast


Buyers' Lounge

Reserved Zone furnished with exclusive amenities: lunch, refreshments, VIP area, and much more.

Tasting Dinners

Special events and showcases focusing on enlightening insights into the finest offerings from Italian culinary craftsmanship.

Networking Gatherings

Exclusive events designed to enhance networking ties between prominent Italian producers and fellow buyers.

Travel and Accommodation

A proficient team is dedicated to arranging essential services, always accessible through a helpline.

Buyer Pass​

Unrestricted access to the trade show, Buyers’ Lounge, and exclusive program activities facilitated by the Buyer Pass.

Customized Business Agenda

The opportunity to pre-plan meetings with preferred exhibitors and create personalized pathways for exploration.

Registration Step


Express Your Interest:
To be considered for the program, you must indicate your interest through the form in this page, and you have to register in THIS LINK. If you meet the program's requirements, you will be contacted via email or phone to inform you of the subsequent steps.


Evaluation Procedure: Upon confirmation as one of our Hosted Buyers, we will collaborate with you to ascertain your sourcing preferences and align them with our exhibitors.


Matching Mechanism: The Italian Food & Wine Week - Singapore team will harmonize your sourcing preferences to create a customized schedule for your time at the event.


Personalized Appointment Arrangements: Upon the conclusion of the matching process, you will gain access to all your pre-arranged appointments. This will enable you to allocate any remaining slots for your personal meetings and participate in the engaging on-site activities we offer.

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